Democrats are Scared Cornered Animals


I’m watching a wild protest at the University of California Berkeley. The central theme of the protest is to simply bar Milo Yiannopoulos from giving a speech at the university. The students smashed in window, set garbage cans on fire, and otherwise took to the streets to destroy more of the city in which they live in.
This has been an ongoing pattern since Trump won the presidency when thousands of people took to the streets in protest. The protests were nearly a daily event and seemed to end only when one of the protestors was struck by oncoming freeway traffic when a mob tried to forcibly stop the flow of high speed cars. It was one of those moments that people looked at each other and realized that that their actions were utterly foolish.
The day before Donald Trump’s inauguration, a man set himself on fire in protest of President Trump’s victory. To you and I, this act would seem crazy. However. to a flaming liberal, it was intended to spark fellow liberals to rise up, just as Tarek el-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi set the Arab Spring in motion.
We are dealing with the last desperate acts of of a dying party. The acts are becoming far more violent as the days go by. We were constantly witness to the mobocracy of violent acts to Trump supporters during and after the election. We were witnesses to political hate crimes against our fellow citizens. Such as when a random person was dragged out of his car and beaten live on Facebook for being a Trump supporter.
This is an alarming trend from a party that believes that it is everything to everyone. They are the party of taking offense, setting up safe spaces, and calling everyone who disagrees with them a racist bigot. Yet, they are also a party the idolizes Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Their ideals stem from Marx and Mao. Their entire ideology has been leading them to this exact moment in time.
The Democrat party has been the architect of many of the protests, talking points, and internet trolling. They have been running Saul Alinsky’s Doctrine to the letter. Yet they have also adopted Richard Lamm’s “Plan to Destroy America” right along with it. They have completely indoctrinated a major portion of our population, and they have proven that they are willing to use violence to accomplish their goals.
I conclude that California will be the key to the entire movement. President Trump has threatened to stop the Federal grants to any sanctuary city for failing to abide to his immigration plans. California and several of her cities and universities would be directly effected by this act. Several municipalities are running huge deficits, and can barely afford a new fire truck, or police equipment without help from the Federal government. The state is poised to fall into a financial emergency, as it will be unable to pay it’s welfare and pension obligations that it touts as progressive rights. The Democrats will use class warfare to exacerbate the problems when they blame that they claim they are obligated to pay “rich” creditors first, before the poor citizens.
The Democrats were the original party that succeeded from the union to form a confederacy in the south. Ultimately thrusting this nation into a civil war. While the circumstances are not the same, I can see several parallels to the days of old. A proclamation of states rights, a defiance of the newly elected President, tariffs and taxes, and a rejection of Constitutional Republicanism. We must not be surprised if we have our own raid on Harper’s Ferry in the near future.
We must not consider these individuals as gentle snowflakes. They are in fact a wounded animal and poised to strike.

Robert Mercado

"I have a plan to destroy America" — by Richard D. Lamm

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